The K.I.N.G. Scholar Programs are designed as mentoring activities tailored for young men of color between  the ages of 13-25 to help participants fulfill their ultimate potential by exposing them to positive role models,  facilitating experiences that broaden their personal views and goals, providing training that will aid them in  becoming economically independent through respectable work, and introducing tools that will help them  develop the personal skills and character necessary to become productive members of society.

In today’s cultural climate within the United States, where a focus has been placed on revitalizing the  African-American community, The K.I.N.G. Movement recognizes that a critical component of this  revitalization must be the restoration of the Black male and the Black nuclear family. As resources are rightly  poured into institutions and programs focused on improving the economic, educational and judicial realities  of African-Americans, the personal and spiritual training of Black boys and men that builds the character,  integrity and discipline necessary to maximize opportunities, lead families, and become productive members  of society must not be ignored.

Scholar programs specifically target the most need based populations including college-aged men connected  to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), high school youth in major cities with large  populations of families facing socio-economic challenges, at-risk boys being reared in single-parent  households, and urban areas where a growing number of males are being negatively impacted by both recent  and historical racism, racial profiling and/or social injustice. K.I.N.G. national and local chapters also invest  in the ongoing growth of these Scholars by offering local educational support, employment resources,  emotional tools, equipping for life stability, and empowerment through direct mentoring experiences and  community engagement.

THE HUDDLE – Student-Athlete Event hosted in the NFL Super Bowl City

"RETURN TO ROYALTY" Rites of Passage Program

ACTS 8 READING Initiative

"POWER UP" Motivational Mentoring Program

"Return to Royalty'' is a comprehensive, well-rounded, all-inclusive Rites of Passage  program designed to teach Black boys how to properly and productively transition from  boyhood to manhood. With an overwhelming number of boys in these communities (roughly  70%) being born and raised in fatherless homes, this program is essential to their growth and  development, as well as to the forward progress of their racial and ethnic groups. Designed  specifically for boys and young men of color, the goal of “Return to Royalty’’ is to build boys  into men by offering practical training in life skills, conflict resolution, spiritual  enlightenment, and cultural enrichment.

To teach Black boys to read at or above grade level by the 3rd grade. To foster a lifelong love  of reading and learning in Black boys at a young, impressionable age. To erase the idea that  Black men do not read from the minds of young boys. To lower the likelihood of Black boys  getting involved in negative activities such as crime and gang-related activities. To provide  the boys with regular opportunities to engage with positive and productive men.

POWER UP is a program of inspiring Athletes, Sports Personalities and Influential Leaders who are  committed to using their voices and their unique life journey to inspire and impact the lives of others. After  reaching the pinnacle of success within their given sport or related profession, these men and women of  character are dedicated to imparting wisdom, tools and knowledge from their personal experiences that can  then translate into a game plan for success both on and off the field. Their goal is to utilize their platform for  the greater good by sharing messages of hope and success which have led them to become Winners in Sports  and Winners in Life.




Creating a safe place for Racial Reconciliation and Unified Social Action

AIM/PURPOSE: To equip High School Students with the foundations they need to be effective social action leaders through the lens of African-Americans and their fight against racial injustice.

HBCU Career Boot Camps are a series of live-event symposiums that inspire and empower students at  Historically Black Colleges and Universities with actionable insight and real-life application on how to  succeed in career choices and in life.

As an extension of the annual HUDDLE Super Bowl event, these Empowering Experiences held at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) with current  and former Professional Athletes and other Sports Personalities are created to INSPIRE,  EQUIP AND ENCOURAGE students to fulfil their Goals, Dreams and God-Given  Potential.